Fingerstyle Micro Clinic w/ Adam Grath

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Join me this wednesday and thursday Sept 22-23 at @ 2:30 for a fingerstyle guitar clinic. I’ll be going through my composition “Twister” and teaching some mad tricks in DADGAD tuning.  Outside , weather permitting.


Beach Party and Free Surf Guitar Clinic With Gary Narducci!!

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Our Friend, Instructor and Master Musician Gary Narducci will be presenting a guitar clinic showcasing the work of the King of Surf Guitar, Dick Dale. Gary has been playing and teaching guitar for decades in the twin cities and cut his teeth playing surf guitar in the 60’s, so he really has “cracked the code” when it comes to this genre. Beach party in the parking lot after the clinic. We will be serving refreshments and playing music and bean bag toss. Register to win a Lanikai Ukulele and other door prizes. Please come and enjoy a summer afternoon with one of the twin cities best players- sharpen your chops and have  some cheese.

What? Surf Guitar Clinic/Beach Party

Where? Guitar Mouse parking lot and showroom

9708 Humboldt Ave S in Bloomington. Take 35W South 98th st exit west 2 blocks, turn right on Humboldt.

When? Saturday August 21 2010 2-5 pm

Why? Because we like you.

Guitar Mouse- when you know where the cheese is.

Working in the workshop

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I’ve been having a great time crafting up my convex exotic wood guitar picks and other goodies. Scored some cocobolo today and some ebony the other day-and some ivory (no kidding)  I’ll be roodling about for any other exotics to create with. Peace sign pendants and also the revolutionary new “don’t” pendant soon to be revealed- I think it will create a new “don’t” movement.

More pictures from the open house.

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good friend and first paying customer- mr Phillip Brooks. Thanks my friend!

The Birthday of Guitar Mouse

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Well it’s been a whole lot of work and planning and dreaming and doing, but it’s here and live and open at last.

I know a lot of people dream about opening their own business and  “being your own boss”. One thing that is totally true is that, when you own your own business,  almost everybody that you meet and deal with is more powerful and important than any boss you ever had.

I want to thank a bunch of people for helping me get this accomplished so far- starting with my ever patient and drama-farming wife, Anne- you have helped me envision and steer this project to where it needs to be and supported my obsessive tendency to draw pictures of mice playing guitars since I started.

I would like to throw a big shout out to Tom Nechville of Nechville Banjos- for being my musical friend and co-conspirator, and his great team of artisan builders and especially to Dave Hill of Nechville Musical for helping me with the photography, actual levelness, and zen levelness of thought as I built this shop.

Big thanks also are due to Keith Olson of Olson Contracter Supply for hooking me up with some deep stash of Tapcon concrete fasteners and loaning me his brand new cordless screw gun- that was rare and super cool.I still rented a big Hilti hammer drill to drill all the holes in the masonry, but man I used every millivolt of charge in that cordless.

Huge thanks to the many collectors whom I have been working with for years for collecting the killer guitars I have sold them- and for offering up a few to get the initial stock in and looking absolutely great – more to come I hope and I will always try to have the best stuff I can find in all categories, along with some affordable stuff for the students and starter outers.

Finally thanks to everyone who has come by so far and checked out the shop and to all of my extended friends and family online for their support and encouragement. And really finally to my back fence neighbor, Grant- for the final inspiration to start this business and put things in God’s hands. He’s a pretty cool 8 year old kid.

Oh yeah- also big thanks to Tim Holt of Holt Lock and Key and Jim Reine of Guardian Angel Security for making sure the bad guys that God can’t stop will end up with a Bloomington Police Officer standing on their neck in under 3 minutes. Peace.

Grant's got the death grip on an Ibanez RG350 while his mom and family torture my mint green cello

Adam Grath